The first step towards clearing your PTE exam in Your Very First Attempt with the best band is to know everything about the 20 different items of the PTE exam. If you are not fully familiar with the 20 different question types of PTE exam, then you will never be able to crack the exam in your Very First Attempt. In this blog, we examine 10 facts about the PTE exam:

  1. 100% Computer Based Exam: PTE is a 100% computer-based exam. There is absolutely NO HUMAN INTERVENTION in the evaluation of the exam. The knowledge about how the actual scoring works will help you immensely to get better scores.
  2. Online Booking and Faster Results: You can book your exam after creating an account with PTE Pearson. The exam will happen on a stretch for three hours, and the results usually will come out in 5 working days. 90% of the results come within 36 to 48 hours.
  3. 20 Different Question Types: PTE has 20 different question types. five in Speaking; two in Writing; five in Reading; and eight in Listening. There is an optional break of 10 minutes after Reading. We recommend you not to avail of this break, unless and otherwise absolutely necessary.
  4. Integrated Test: PTE is an integrated test, which means that all four components, such as Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening) are connected with one another. In “Speaking”, your reading and listening are also evaluated. In your writing, your reading is also evaluated. In your reading, your writing is also evaluated. In your Listening, your reading and writing are evaluated. However, speaking can be evaluated ONLY in speaking, and therefore, speaking becomes the most stand-alone independent section in PTE.
  5. Partial Marking and Right or Wrong Marking: PTE has two different types of the marking system. One is Partial Marking and the second is “Right or Wrong”. This means some answers can be partially correct or wrong, while some other answers are either correct or wrong.
  6. Time-Based Test: PTE is a time-based test. Time plays a critical role in your getting the score or you not getting the score. Some questions are individually timed, while some full or partial sections are timed as a single unit. You need to be fully familiar with the time aspects of this exam.
  7. Negative Marking: Three questions types have negative marking. This is built-in primarily to avoid potential misuse.
  8. Identification Proof: Passport is the only identification proof acceptable to PTE. You must carry your original passport with you to get admission to the exam hall.
  9. Issues at the Exam Centre: It is quite common that students face issues at the exam centre like faulty equipment, system hanging, low audio volume and so on. Please raise your hands and someone will attend you immediately. You have the rights to discontinue the exam if you are not satisfied with the resolution. You must give a written complaint at the exam centre and obtain an acknowledgement of receipt.
  10. Only One Log In ID: One student can create only one login ID and password. One should not use multiple email IDs to create multiple login credentials. If you have multiple IDs, you may still be able to write the exam, but your results will get delayed. If you have multiple IDs, then you can merge those IDs, by using the option given in the PTE Pearson VUE’s website. (

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