PTE is a simple exam with the CORRECT GUIDANCE. It can be difficult and miserable with MISGUIDANCE. For example, many popular providers ask you to “speak like a native English speaker”. BUT, THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE AND PURE NONSENSE! This is because the PTE exam is meant for non-native English speakers. You are “NOT required to speak like a native speaker” to score a PERFECT 90 in Speaking! All you need is to get the CORRECT GUIDANCE. In this blog, we examine 5 myths about PTE Academic exam.

  1. You need to be an Expert in Computer.

PTE is a computer-based exam. However, you need not be a computer expert to write PTE exam. You need to have the basic understanding of the computer, or you just need to have a basic working knowledge of the computer for you to write this exam.

2. You need to have a Native English Pronunciation.

You NEED NOT required speak like a Native English Speaker for you to get a 9 band in PTE exam. In fact, PTE is conducted mainly for non-native English speakers. If any website or any online English “GURUS” are asking you to speak like a Native English Speaker, then they are speaking and guiding you with PURE IGNORANCE. Or maybe, it is a marketing scaring strategy. They want to scare you about pronunciation. The fact is that you can have “pure non-native English Pronunciation”, and still can get 90 in your Speaking. We advise you not to go with the definitions of the English GURUS, but with the definition of pronunciation of PTE Pearson. PTE Pearson defined pronunciation as: “Ability to produce speech sounds in a way that is easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Regional or national pronunciation variants are considered correct to the degree that they are understandable to most regular speakers of the language”. This can be accessed at (

3. PTE Pearson can selectively fail you

This is complete non sense. PTE Pearson is a highly reputed organisation. PTE Academic is a computer-based exam, and they will never be able to selectively fail any student, as the same will result in electronic traces. It is practically impossible to fail a student in purpose, because it is a computer-based exam. Anything you do with the computer; you will leave digital traces. It is like you used your mobile from home and send a message, and you were under video surveillance, and then you claim that you did not send that message. 

4.You need to speak LOUDER and FASTER in PTE exam

This is again wrong. You need not require to speak louder in PTE exam to score good marks. You need to speak in your natural volume or at a normal volume for you to score good in your PTE speaking exam. If you are naturally a very soft spoken person, or if you have a very soft voice, then you may need to put some efforts to speak loud. This is true again for the speed. You need not require to speak faster in PTE exam to score good marks. You need to speak in your natural speed or at a normal speed for you to score good in your PTE speaking exam.

5.You cannot use “backspace” in your PTE writing.

This is again a wrong piece of information. You can use backspace in writing and the same is allowed. PTE Pearson never said in any of their official score guidelines that usage of backspace will result in less marks.

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