PTE IELTS and OET Training

About PTE Classes

JMS’s Guaranteed* PTE Preparation Course gives you tested and proven strategies, tips and formats based on your individual requirements, along with complete study materials under actual exam environment, with timely feedback and corrections to maximise your chances of getting your required score in the very first attempt. The course is for 6 weeks or for 40 hours.

However, as a special offer till March 31st 2021, you can enrol for this course for “unlimited study” for one year. This means, you can attend our classes and enjoy all the benefits of the course, including study materials for ONE YEAR UNLIMITED. The timetable is HIGHLY FLEXIBLE, and accommodates both weekday and weekend classes.

We guarantee 9 band for 6 different questions types (out of 20 question types), if you follow our strategies EXACTLY AS IT IS. JMSPTE is the first to give such a guarantee in the industry, and we are waiting for our competition to claim this soon in their websites and social media!

For many students, fear and anxiety may stop them from getting their required score in their very first attempt. Therefore, we devised “Induction” and “Confidence Booster” programs help the students to approach the PTE examination without anxiety and fear. But with full confidence and positivity! Whether it is ‘speaking’, ‘writing’, ‘reading’ or ‘listening’ aspect of the PTE test, our easy to use, effective, practical and unique techniques and strategies will instantly help you to improve your score. Our trainers are well qualified, friendly and highly approachable.

We know our students are at different levels in their language proficiency. Therefore, we first assess you, and then design your PTE training program in discussion with you to suit your requirements. We finalise your PTE preparation course outline on your joining date. This will give you clarity, and we include any additional areas of improvement as per you progress. You are welcome to discuss any difficulty that you are facing with us, and we will come up with solutions to help you to overcome your difficulties.

We have unique 80:20 formats for PTE for three items in PTE, where you can use 80% of our format (just 14 almost identical sentences) and 20% your own writing (around 32 words! YES, ONLY words, and NOT sentences) in the actual test. These formats are designed in such a manner that you cannot go wrong and can score 90 (9 band) in those respective sections. Our Speaking formats are designed to enhance “fluency”, and to avoid “fillers” and “hesitations”. JMSPTE has the track record of the highest increase in the “Speaking Score” for the students. The questions asked in the actual PTE exams are highly repetitive in nature. We have taken extra efforts to extensively interview our students to gather maximum questions from their memory immediately after their exams and constructed a repeated questions bank. This question bank is a part of our study materials and will immensely help you in your actual exam.

Are You a First Time Test Taker?

PTE is a simple exam to pass if you get the correct guidance. It can be very difficult, if you are misguided. For example, many renowned training providers suggest you to “speak like a native English speaker”. But, this is an absolute and pure nonsense!

PTE English exam is primarily meant for non-native English speakers, and the truth is that you are “NOT required to speak like a native speaker” to score a PERFECT 90 in Speaking! All you need is to get “Real Smart Strategies”.

10 Facts About PTE Academic Exam

100% Computer Based Exam

PTE is a 100% computer-based exam. There is absolutely NO HUMAN INTERVENTION in the evaluation of the exam. This fact has some advantages and disadvantages. Since it is a computer-based exam, the knowledge about how the actual scoring works will help you immensely to get better scores.

Online Booking and Faster Results

You can book your exam after creating an account with PTE Pearson. ( The exam will happen on one single day and the results usually will come out in 5 working days.

20 Different Question Types

PTE has 20 different question types. Speaking: 5 types, Writing: 2 types, Reading 5 types and Listening: 8 types. There is an optional break of 10 minutes after Reading.

Integrated Test

PTE is an integrated test. This means the four components (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening) are connected with one another. While you are doing “Speaking”, your reading and listening are evaluated. While you are doing your writing, you reading is also evaluated. While you are doing your reading, your writing is also evaluated. While you are doing your Listening, your reading and writing are evaluated. However, speaking can be evaluated ONLY in speaking, and therefore, speaking becomes the most stand-alone independent section in PTE.

Partial Marking and Right or Wrong Marking

PTE has two different types of marking system. One is Partial Marking and the second is “Right or Wrong”. This means some answers can be partially correct or wrong, while some other answers are either correct or wrong. This also has its own advantages or disadvantages for a exam candidate.

Time Based Test

PTE is an English proficiency computer test. It is also a time-based test. Time plays a critical role in you getting the score or you not getting the score. Some questions are individually timed, while some full or partial sections are timed as a single unit. You need to be fully familiar with the time aspects of this exam.

Negative Marking

Some questions types have negative marking. This is built in primarily to avoid potential misuse.

Identification Proof

Passport is the only identification proof acceptable to PTE. You must carry your original passport with you to get admission to the exam hall.

Issues at the Exam Centre

It is quite common that students face issues at the exam centre like faulty equipment, system hanging, low audio volume and so on. Please raise your hands and someone will attend you immediately. You have the rights to discontinue the exam if you are not satisfied with the resolution. You must give a written complaint at the exam centre and obtain an acknowledgement of receipt.

Only One Log In ID

One student can create only one log in ID and password. One should not use multiple email IDs to create multiple log in credentials. If you have multiple IDs, you may still be able to write the exam, but your results will get delayed. If you have multiple IDs, then you can merge those IDs, by using the option given in the PTE Pearson VUE’s website. (

5 Myths About PTE

Native English Pronunciation

You NEED NOT required speak like a Native English Speaker for you to get a 9 band in PTE exam. In fact, PTE is conducted mainly for non-native English speaker. If any website or any online English “GURUS” are asking you to speak like a Native English Speaker, then it is PURE IGNORANCE of those ENGLISH GURUS. Or may be it is a marketing scaring strategy. They want to scare you about pronunciation. The fact is that you can have “pure non-native English Pronunciation”, and still can get 90 in your Speaking. We advise you not to go with the definitions of the English GURUS, but with the definition of pronunciation of PTE Pearson. PTE Pearson defined pronunciation as Ability to produce speech sounds in a way that is easily understandable to most regular speakers of the language. Regional or national pronunciation variants are considered correct to the degree that they are understandable to most regular speakers of the language. This can be accessed at (

Expertise in Computer

PTE is a computer-based exam. But, you need not be a computer expert to write PTE exam. You need to have the basic understanding of the computer, or you just need to have a basic working knowledge of the computer for you to write this exam.

PTE Pearson can selectively fail you

This is complete non sense. PTE Pearson is a highly reputed institution and they do not need to involve in any unethical practice. PTE Academic is a computer-based exam, and they will never be able to selectively fail any student, as the same will result in electronic traces, which can be challenged by the student. In fact, there is no reason for PTE Pearson to selectively fail any student for that matter.!

You need to speak LOUDER and FASTER in PTE exam

This is again wrong. You need not require to speak louder in PTE exam to score good marks. You need to speak in your natural volume or at a normal volume for you to score good in your PTE speaking exam. This is true again for the speed. You need not require to speak faster in PTE exam to score good marks. You need to speak in your natural speed or at a normal speed for you to score good in your PTE speaking exam

You cannot press backspace in your PTE writing

This is again a wrong piece of information. You can use backspace in writing and the same is allowed. PTE Pearson never said in any of their official score guidelines that usage of backspace will result in less marks. We have asked students

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